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Many people like to try their luck at casino games. Now there are even mobile casino apps that allow a person to play from their cell phone whenever and wherever are. There are many casino games to chose from including card games, slot machines, and number games. Some of these games take skill while others take luck. The game keno is a number games that requires a little bit of skill and a lot of luck. In this game a person chooses anywhere between one and ten numbers and hope that these number are chosen. The winning numbers are randomly chosen by a machine, hopper, or computer. There are two different set ups for the game keno. A person can play this game live or by video. During the live game a person chooses their picks on a card, places their bet, and waits for the balls to be chosen from the hopper. A new game starts every couple of minutes. When a person is playing play video keno or keno on their mobile phone they pick numbers from the screen. The player then places their bet and in a minute or two the video randomly picks the winning numbers. This game can be a lot of fun to play but unfortunately the odds are not in the favor of the player. There are tips that a player can follow to increase their chance of winning at keno.

bonus-casino-2014Rules of Keno

Keno is a pretty simple game to learn and follow. The rules are more basic then most of the casino game. The player selects the numbers they think will come out on a slip of paper or on the video screen. They can choose from the number 1 to the number 80. A person can chose one number of come out or they can chose fifteen numbers to come out. Once the player has selected their numbers they place their best and pay for that game. Once the game stars 20 numbers are chosen at random. The play keeps track of the numbers as they come out to see how many match the numbers that they have chosen. The player then wins money based on how many of the numbers they chose came out as winning numbers. The amount the player wins will not only depend on how many numbers came out but how much money they bet on these numbers. Most casinos and apps accept bets as low as one dollar. A person can bet larger amount of the game if they chose to and are feeling lucky. The total return on the bet can range from 61% to 75%. The greater the odds are the more money the player is going to win if their numbers come out. The odds against a person winning will very by casino. The usual odds range between 60% and 80%. The casino has the higher chance of winning. The player usually has a 20%-35% chance of winning money on their bet. It was also discovered that the odds of winning are greater video keno per bet. The only problem with this is that the video keno game in 50 times faster then playing live keno. In video keno there is no break between games or waiting for other players to get their bet in. Playing video keno a person can expect to lose more money per hour due to the fast place of the play.

bonus-casino-2014Advice on How to Lower the Odds of Keno

While keno does rely mostly on luck there are tip that a person can follow to increase their chances of winning. A person needs to learn how to chose the numbers and what ones have a better chance of coming out. Before heading to the casino or app there are free practice game that a person can play online. They will not win any money but these practice games will help them get a feel for how keno works. It turns out that in many casinos and casino apps that all the numbers between 1 and 80 have an equal chance of coming out. While there are no such things as lucky numbers a person should play numbers that are lucky to them. This can include birthdays, important dates , telephone numbers, and any other numbers that has some kind of important meaning to the player.

bonus-casino-2014A person can to learn how to bet and maximize the money they put out to get them the most money back. To start a person can to set a limit on how much money they are going to spend in total on keno. A person should have enough money set aside to play several hands but no too much to lose. They cannot spend more then this set amount. If a person is looking to last a while they should start by betting small amounts. This way their money will last longer and allow them to play more games. If a person is looking for a big win they can bet larger amounts. A bet of $10 can help a person win $100,000 or more. The amount of numbers that a person chooses to play will also affect their odds of winning and how much money they can win. It is better to bet on three numbers then four numbers. Choosing eleven numbers has better odds of coming out then selecting seven eight, nine, or ten numbers.

bonus-casino-2014It is also helpful to keep the betting cards in balance. A person should select the same amount of numbers on the top of the betting card as the bottom. This will help keep the balance and many feel it will keep the Ying and Yang force in check increasing the odds of winning. If a person is lucky enough to win at keno they should collect their winnings right away and set them aside. If a person does not cash out right away chances are the person will continue to play. The casino will end up getting their money back. A player needs to remember to have fun and enjoy the game. Some games a person will win others they will lose. Getting tense or stress will not only discourage the person but will take all the fun out of gambling.

bonus-casino-2014While keno is a game of luck the more a person practices the better chances they have of winning on their bet. Keno can be fun to play and if a person is lucky they can win a lot of money. With a casino mobile app a person test their skills whenever and wherever they feel lucky.