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The video poker industry has been around for years, most players bet to win cash or other prizes but they are a lot of poker players who play simply because they love the game. Video poker is by far one of the most popular form of gambling. Players can earn quick cash and respect of other players by simply defeating their opponents in this particular card game. Mobile casino apps have become extremely popular and has become some video poker player’s first choice when it comes to playing poker. The rules of the game are very simple but yet complex. For a potential player who likes the chance of winning big or like a card game of skill, video poker is the perfect game that will fit them perfectly. 

checklist-2014In the beginning of the game a player can play one to five coins, after the machine gives you a total of five cards. The player will then have the chance to either hold or discard any particular card a player may have doubts about. The machine will then pay you off according to the value of the cards discarded after you have discarded the cards you wish not to have. They are many poker superstitions about the house always has an advantage over the players, but in video poker there is an exception to that superstition.

checklist-2014In most cases nine times out of ten most games of video poker are played with a standard deck of 52 cards. Once a player has made a wager, you must then press the “deal” button five random cards from the deck. After the player has receives their cards the player has the option of choosing which cards to discard or to keep. Once a player has discarded their particular cards, those cars will be replaced with random cards from the deck.

checklist-2014They are a large variety of Mobile Casino apps and they all can played with an even larger variety of strategies and techniques. They are man different winning hands and some beat others while some hands hold more value than others.
A Royal flush consists of an Ace, queen, jack and a ten all of them must be same suit weather is clubs, hearts, diamonds or spades. Another good hand would be a Straight Flush, this particular hand has five cards consecutively of the same suit, for example; a two followed by a three, four, five, or six of all clubs. A Full House consists of three cards which are of similar rank and two cards of a different rank, three of diamonds, three of hearts, three of spades and a six of hearts and spades would be considered a Full house.

checklist-2014A total of five cards which are of similar suit is called a Flush, for example; a ten, seven, four, and ace of diamonds would be a Flush. One of the most popular hands is Four of the same kind, which would be four cards that have the same rank, an ace of hearts, ace of spades, ace of clubs, and an ace of diamonds would be Four of a kind. A Straight hand is five consecutive cards of mixed suits, two of diamonds, three of hearts, four of hearts, five of clubs, and a six of spades would be an example of a Straight hand. Two jacks (a pair) or better would be two aces, kings, queens, or jacks.
Although they are many ways to win they are some fundamental do’s and don’ts of playing video poker. Before committing to a particular poker table, the player must make sure they shop the pay tables. Video poker is the only game that will tell you how much it would be to play and it will also show you your potential winnings. Be sure to always bet the max possible, that way your Royal Flush and other jackpots gets doubled. So instead of playing a typical one dollar game, a player should play at least a game that costs at least one dollar and twenty five cents. Then upon winning you will have a greater chance of winning more earnings and will be able to play more games that way.

checklist-2014Another thing a player should always remember that they should never play over their head. As a poker player there should be specific boundaries you should personally follow, a player should always have a set budget for betting. Goals play a very important part in gambling, a player should have a cutoff point when it comes to winning and losing earnings. Discipline is a very vital key to success in gaming and especially gambling. They are two ways to find yourself in a financial hole when gambling, that is trying to double up to play catch up after losing once or twice and becoming to greedy after winning a few hands.

checklist-2014Even drinking can have an effect on your decision making process. Drunk and even tipsy people tend to make bad decisions when playing video poker. More serious video poker players do not let their drinking get out of hand when planning to play a large number of hands that night. If your drinking has gotten out of hand a player will then find themselves playing more than they have planned to and nine times out of ten find themselves losing more than they are winning.

checklist-2014One thing any poker player does not like having is an unpleasant session, if you are looking forward to having a good night you want to make sure your machine is clean and is working properly. Video poker machines can be used consecutively for days or even months at a time before they are properly cleaned and or tested for defects. So with that being said it is in the player’s best favor to make sure that the buttons are not sticky.

checklist-2014These are more common problems with video poker machines, people sometimes spill drinks on them and that could be easily overlooked by casino personnel. When a player is either frustrated or irritated, you won’t be able to play the way you would like too and will most likely end making little to no money at all. You do not want to pick the wrong machine and alter your chances of winning a big jackpot. When playing in a traditional setting slot machines can be very close together, where other players are seated fairly close. Try not to play next to loud and drunk players, they will distract you with their complaining and lack of respect for other participants that may also be in that particular casino that night. There are many ways to play and win in video poker.