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Lucky Nugget Casino App Lucky Nugget Online Casino app is based in Malta, and has been operating for fourteen years. Since it was established in 1998 it has been able to pay out millions of pounds, dollars and euros in winnings to the luckiest of its members, and have been known to also award non-cash ..

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Lucky Nugget Casino App

Lucky Nugget Online Casino app is based in Malta, and has been operating for fourteen years. Since it was established in 1998 it has been able to pay out millions of pounds, dollars and euros in winnings to the luckiest of its members, and have been known to also award non-cash prizes – including cruises, cars and casino credits. There are several versions of the site – two separate English language sites (one for the UK and one for New Zealand), a Dutch site and a Spanish site, with more translations to come. It’s possible to play at Lucky Nugget wherever you are in the world, though, just so long as you’re careful to pay attention to the local gambling laws of your jurisdiction.

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They take several steps to ensure that your money and details are as protected as it is possible for them to be in a casino environment; they’re governed by the Online Casino Act, they adhere to standards set by the Financial Services Commission and the Financial Task Force, and they are closely monitored by eCOGRA –the online gaming watchdog. Your details are as safe here as anywhere.

If you have any questions or queries while playing, the site features an extensive Q&A page and offers a 24/7 live help service staffed by real people who are able to answer most of the questions you’re likely to have. This team operate mostly by email, though you can also phone them if you’d rather. There are many opinions about the safety and utility of online gambling, but Lucky Nugget does what it can to make the experience as safe as possible.

Of course, the gaming itself is of paramount importance to the casino. They’re careful to ensure that you can play a wide range of games, and they’re presented to you in a wide range of formats. If you’re curious, it’s entirely possible to go and explore the site without signing up or handing over your details – so you’ll be able to find out if it’s right for you before you commit to anything in particular. There’s plenty of information available to non-members to help you decide.


There are several ways to gamble at the Lucky Nugget online casino. They offer both online play and play via an installed program; the latter has more games, but the former has the added convenience of being able to play without downloading or installing anything on the computer you’re using. They have all the usual basic casino games – blackjack, poker, roulette, craps, fruit machines – with a few extras, like racing games and bingo and monetised versions of major video game franchises.

If you’d like to gamble on the move, there’s now an app that offers a carefully-selected subset of Lucky Nugget games to you wherever you happen to be, via your smartphone. This has, of course, a drastically reduced selection on offer – but it’s one of the most established online casinos to offer this service, and it’s probably your best bet for mobile play. The site itself is of course optimised for viewing on phone browser screens and the gambling app is available for both Android and iPhone.

If you’d just like to brush up your casino gaming skills, once you’re a member it’s possible to join in with unlimited free, no-stakes games that will help you get the hang of things. This is a great choice for people who’ve never gambled in an online casino before, or who are simply bored at work and want to pass the time without running any serious risks of losing hard-earned money unthinkingly.

New games are coming to Lucky Nugget all the time, so if the thing you were hoping for isn’t available yet it’s a good idea to install the client anyway and check back regularly to see if the games you want to play are now available. If you’d like to suggest anything in particular, there’s a customer services team you can get in touch with about your requests.

VIP Club

Rather than a specific VIP club, Lucky Nugget offers a wide range of special offers to its customers – both hold and new – that help them to feel as though they’re always winning and always being looked after by the casino in which they have chosen to play.

For brand new customers, they offer a bonus to your first deposit. Once you’ve made it you’ll be instantly credited with something extra – the exact amount you’ll get varies, but it could be anything up to five hundred euros. There’s a minimum deposit amount to qualify, but this will help you on your way to getting into all the games and making bets that could potentially pay out well.

There are daily bonuses and weekly promotions, each of which offers you special prizes or extras on top of anything you might otherwise win. This is where the non-cash prizes come in; those offers can include anything from cruises to helicopters, and depending on the terms and conditions you could find yourself with something that’s worth a lot more than any of the available cash prizes.

There are also plenty of loyalty rewards – cash extras that you’ll be paid when you do certain things or play certain games. These points can be turned into cash, and while they won’t pay out big they’re a nice steady way of keeping your credit balance healthy and encouraging you to play more and bet more. Two hundred loyalty points can be converted into one cash credit.

Like many online casinos of this type, Lucky Nugget are adding more offers like these all the time. Some are available for all customers; others are only aimed at people who are using the app or people who have downloaded the gaming software. Make sure you always find out the stipulations of any offer before you try and sign up for it.

If you’re interested in online casino gaming, you have lots of options. Lucky Nugget has plenty of advantages, though; you’ll be offered a bonus to your first deposit, you can try out games for free before you join them for money, you earn loyalty points as you play, you can game from your smartphone and you’ll find that there are plenty of extra promotions and bonuses you can win.

Of course, all forms of gambling have drawbacks. It’s important that you’re careful not to bet more than you can afford to lose, that you’re realistic about the amounts of money that you’re likely to win, and that you bear in mind the odds and what they mean when you’re making your decisions.

If you’re determined to get involved in gambling online, though, this is a good bet. Malta has extremely tight gambling regulations – some of the strictest in the world – and Lucky Nugget abides by these, and is monitored by an international watchdog as it does so. Your details and your money are safe with Lucky Nugget, though that doesn’t mean you don’t need plenty of luck to go with them! It’s a good choice for anyone interested in gambling online, particularly if you’re looking for a mobile casino – there aren’t many of these yet, and it’s still an emerging market. Visit http://m.luckynuggetcasino.com for more details.