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Baccarat is a casino game that was also called punto banco in some places. The game is among the first casino games ever played and is very popular with wealthy players who like to place huge sums as well as with many gambles from Asian countries. Learning to how to play baccarat is not as difficult as it might seem when first approaching the baccarat tables. One can learn by playing by downloading mobile casino apps to begin playing baccarat, a card game that depends on accurately predicting the winner of a hand.

check-yes-2014Baccarat offer three types of baccarat tables. In some casinos, if you see a posh roped off space filled with elegantly dressed players, they are probably playing what is called Big Table Baccarat. You need to have quite a bit of money to play Big Table Baccarat since you will have to pay the table minimums that start of high. There are three dealers and can hold from twelve to fourteen players. The players get to bet either on the player or the banker but the dealer who is one of the players usually bets on the banker.

check-yes-2014The game of baccarat is played like a dice game with players getting to deal. A player can choose not to deal and pass the deal to the next person. The dealer or player gets to play as long as the banker wins. The game is played as follows: the dealer puts down two cards under the shoe face down. The player who bets the most is given the next two cards, again face down. The player who is given the two cards gets to look at them before returning the two cards back to the dealer. The dealer then turns the cards over and one of the dealers from the casino will total the points and tell everyone at the table. Betting on the winning side can be learned by practicing playing baccarat. The more experienced players have no problem in keeping mental tabs on hands drawn and cards left in the deck. The casino dealers pay out to winners and collect from losers.

check-yes-2014A second type of baccarat table is called the mini baccarat. The difference between mini baccarat and regular Big Table Baccarat is that the dealer puts down the cards face up which makes the game go faster. A third type of baccarat table is the midi baccarat. The game is played the same as mini baccarat except that the table size is bigger and the table minimums are higher. The mini baccarat table is the one most players choose who are not playing with huge sums of money but still like to play baccarat. Mini baccarat tables are found on the open casino playing area and are not roped off as are the Big Table Baccarat table. Midi baccarat tables have players that range from the big money gamblers to the small money gamblers.

check-yes-2014The rules for baccarat are as follows: eight, six or one decks are used. The card decks are in a shoe. Cards have the following points: ace has 1 point, cards 2 to 9 have face value and 10 and all face cards have no value. Scoring in baccarat is simple. The two cards drawn are valued according to the rules given, for example, an ace and a five would be a total of sixteen. The score that would be used in baccarat would be six since the number six is on the right side of the total number of points according to the cards played.

check-yes-2014At the start of a new game or a new shoe, the dealer draws a card that will determine how many cards will be burned. A ten or a face card will burn ten cards. The dealer puts the cut card in the 16th card space counting form the bottom. The game is played according to when that card shows. When the sixteenth placed card shows, the dealer finishes that hand, plays one more hand and starts a new shoe.

check-yes-2014When the hand is played, each player bets on the player, the banker or on a tie. In some baccarat tables, players can bet on both a player and a banker pair. The size of the bets determine who will be given the two cards drawn after the two cards drawn by the dealers. The hands are counted as follows: all scores are in a range from 0 to 9. If the players card total twelve, the score is 2 since 2 is on the right side of twelve. The score is based on the number on the right side of the score. If the player or the banker get a score of eight or nine, they have to stand, if a player gets a 5 score or less, he can hit or stand.

check-yes-2014In the game of baccarat, a third card is not normally drawn. If a third card is drawn, the score changes. The winner of the hand is the player who has the greater score. Both the banker and the player can ask for a third card if their score is under 5 points. The game of baccarat is can be played with eight decks, six decks or one deck. The dealer continues to draw hands and betters have to wait until the banker loses by drawing the first card, when the game stops after the hand is played. The winning players are those who can successfully predict whether the dealer or the player will get the highest score. The scores are tallied by the casino dealers who make pay outs to winners and collect from losers. The game of baccarat is popular since betters have only to make one decision to play, choose a side and bet.

check-yes-2014Since the game of baccarat is a casino game, it has many sites on online casino where mobile casino apps can be used to advantage by players. Learning how to play baccarat is easy if one has the means to learn by playing or by playing baccarat for fun without putting out real money. Deciding on playing for money is serious gambling and requires caution and understanding of the game being played. In the game of baccarat accurately predicting who will get the highest score might seem challenging to many gamblers who view gambling as a mental sport. Baccarat is a simple yet elegant game that does not demand much from its players except a healthy wallet and a willingness to bet on a side. The simple elegance of baccarat is what has made it a very popular game in casinos around the world and online.