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Online Mobile SlotsSince the advent of the Internet, online gaming has taken off. Now, you can enjoy poker and casino games like slots without leaving the comfort of your own home. All the controls exist as on-screen buttons, which makes mobile gaming ideal for touchscreen devices like smartphones and tablets. In fact, mobile gaming has taken off thanks to the iPhone and Android devices. You can earn real cash while commuting to work or waiting in the dentist’s office. Try any of the great mobile free slots we have on our site.


Mobile slots are a fun way to earn money, get an adrenaline rush and potentially make new friends. Online slots might be a little overwhelming if you’re new to gambling, but practice makes perfect, and you’ll be spinning reals like a professional before you know it. This guide will help you get the most out of your slot games.

Online slot games feature a number of reels, each with various number of lines. Through animation, those reels spin. When matching symbols line up, you’re a winner! You won’t have to pull any levels or wait impatiently while someone hogs your favorite machine.

casino-app-slots-2014Money and Mobile Slots

Some mobile slot games are free, but many provide you the opportunity to earn real money when you load your account with money. Many premium slot services provide free demos so you can check out games beforehand. Some services provide signup bonuses in cash or coins, which you can apply to your slot games.

The methods that each company use to load and payout money vary by service and location. Some may accept cashier’s checks or PayPal, but you should check out payment options before signing up to make sure you’ll be able to accept payment in your location. Furthermore, some mobile games might require minimum upload or payment amounts, and it’s important to educate yourself about these limitations.




check-yes-2014Pay Tables and Lines

Whether you’ve just started playing free slots online or you’ve never played a specific game before, you’ll want to look at the pay table. This is the legend of which symbols produce which combinations. It tells you what to look for, and will explain how wild card or scatter symbols play into your game. Some machines use the machine’s logo as a symbol. These may act like wild cards or may increase your winnings.

Scatter tables offer additional winnings, and the scatter symbols don’t have to appear in any particular position on the reels. Scatters may not earn you extra winnings. For example, you might see that earning three scatter symbols, which are marked on the pay table, earns you a certain amount of free spins.

The pay table also shows whether multipliers exist. Multipliers literally multiple your payouts. For example, a 2X multiple gets you double the winnings, and games with higher multipliers offer greater chances of increased earnings. Double-checking the pay table can help verify that you’re getting the right payout.

One of the benefits of online gaming is that services frequently have Frequently Asked Questions pages where you’ll get more in-depth information about how each game works. Free demos also help you get a feel for the game you’re playing so you can comfortable put your money on the line when it comes to the real thing.

When you envision the classic slot machine from Atlantic City, you likely think of the single-line machine. You need to match three of the same symbol to win, and there’s only once chance with each spin. A multiplier or wild symbol increases your chances of payouts and greater winnings.

However, many machines and slot games are multi-line games. Just like some actual slot machines, you can choose how many lines. Every game has a maximum number of lines, and each added line represents an increased likelihood that you’re going to spin the correct symbols and earn cash or bonuses. You’ll have a certain amount of horizontal lines, but additional lines tend to bend around the reels.

Each line also requires an additional payment. Thus, if you’re playing penny slots, a 20-line machine will cost 20 cents per spin. If you’re not so lucky, you’ll find yourself spending more money more quickly when you increase the line count.

check-yes-2014Slot Machine Betting Options

Some machines generally require highers bets, but you can choose penny slots, which only require one cent per bet, if you like to gamble without gambling too much. There will be different options to increase the bet, which may be listed in actual money or coins or points. Make sure to check the value of a coin or point relative to actual money so you know how much you’re getting.

Typically betting options include one coin, two coins, five coins and ten or twenty coins. You have plenty of options when it comes to choosing how much to bet, and you can always start small or switch back to a smaller bet if the game isn’t paying off.

If you want to keep playing, you don’t need to manually set your bet and line amounts. You can press the “autobet” button to keep playing the same bet automatically. You can just sit back and let the reels spin.

When your spin lands on the correct symbols, you’ll see the payout or “win” for that spin on your screen. The payout is generally independent of your bet; however, certain combinations offer greater payouts. For instance, slot games based on poker reward players higher for getting three aces over three jacks. Payouts lineup with the generally-accepted values of cards in the game of poker.

Some games may include a digital “Hold” button like traditional slot machines. In this case, you an keep a reel in its position and spin the other reels in an attempt to get a greater payout. However, not every slot game offers this option.

check-yes-2014Max Betting

Some people like to play it risky, however. That’s why there mobile slot games include options for the max lines and max bet. When you press this button, you’ll increase each bet per line to the maximum amount — often $1, but the amount varies by game — and bet on every possible lines. You can manually increase the number of lines or coins you’re betting without increasing the other factors, however.


The pay table indicates whether you can earn bonuses on a particular game. Bonus games in video slot machines typically take you to another screen where you watch an animation and play in a mini-game to earn a bonus. After the bonus game finishes, you’ll return to the reel screen, and the slot game returns to normal.

Examples of bonus games include free spins where you’re guaranteed to win and “Click Me” games. In these games, clicking a symbol reveals a sum of cash or coins that will add to your account. Every game has its own bonus games, however.

check-yes-2014Progressive Jackpots

If you’re looking for the highest possible payout from mobile slot games, you’ll want to play with a service that offers a progressive jackpot. A progressive jackpot system means that every player’s bets will add to a growing, or progressive, jackpot pool. This pool continues to grow until someone wins the jackpot. The combination that allows you to win the progressive jackpot is the most difficult symbol combination to get in the game. The benefit of this is that the jackpot has plenty of time to grow, and the winner may walk away with thousands or millions of coins to their name.

To increase the progressive jackpot pool, most gambling services combine the bets between multiple games. Not all players have to play the same game, and the jackpot still has a chance to grow exponentially. If you’re a lover of progressive jackpots, you can skip around between all the contributing games.

Double check whether a progressive jackpot allows you to choose your bet. Some games that contribute toward a progressive jackpot restrict your bet to the maximum amount, so you’ll lose coins more quickly. Pace yourself to have the most fun when playing mobile slots.

check-yes-2014Tips to Make the Most with Mobile Slots

Be watchful when it comes to the button your pressing. If you switch games and the button position changes, you can easily drain your account. Furthermore, use caution with autoplay bets. Autoplay will have the same effect if you’re on a losing streak.

To increase your chances of winning, check if the slot game shows the payout percentage. The PP shows how often the casino returns bets to the players. A high payout percentage of 98% means the casino or slot service keeps only 2% of the bets. However, a lower PP indicates that the casino keeps a higher percentage.

Playing mobile slots might become monotonous if you always play the same game. Fortunately, there are hundreds of mobile slot games to choose from, and new games come out every day. You can try out different games and add a few personal favorites to your must-play list.

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